Jan 29, 2024


When designing a reTHINK workspace, we prioritize for well-being, flexibility, and how people can involve themselves in the process. reTHINK empowers real connections that create a sense of belonging, improves creative productivity, and fosters a sense of pride among teams who use it. 

“Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.”  Steve Jobs 

The Design principals of our immersive reTHINK workspaces is more than just an aesthetic choice—it's a vital component that significantly enhance our focus, productivity, creativity, and ability to collaborate effectively. More simply, reTHINK is designed to BOOST FOCUS AND CREATIVE COLLABORATION.  

We believe the principles of design extend beyond the physical realm, and regardless of whether a space is real or virtually real, the same rules of thoughtful design apply. 


Our thoughtfully designed workspaces inspire and motivate us to perform our best with spaces purpose built to improve task & goal focus. It’s based on actual theory, backed by research. 


In a first of its kind field study, demonstrating the positive impact of greenery in office spaces published by the University of Exeter; researchers at Cardiff University’s School of Psychology found that employees working in a space with plants were 15% more productive than those in a space without plants.  


Similarly, in his book “My Creative Space: How to Design Your Home to Stimulate Ideas and Spark Innovation”, Donald Rattner draws on years of research and case studies and noted: 

“...our perception of mental space moves in parallel with our perception of physical space”.  

This idea, sparked from research conducted in 2007, found that people where more adept at creative problem solving under ten-foot ceilings, then where subjects who performed the same tasks under eight-foot ceilings. Those under ten-foot ceilings generated 27% more creative ideas than those working in a space with a lower ceiling height. Alternatively, this same study found those under the eight-foot ceilings performed better on analytic and logical tasks.    


You don’t have to search hard to learn findings like these to underscore the tangible impact of design elements on work efficiency and creativity.  

By leveraging proven design principles, we can influence how we feel even in a virtual space, helping us to focus and work better together. In reTHINK, this creates a more fulfilling and effective connected experience. 

reTHINK's innovative approach to collaboration allows teams to transcend physical limitations, creating virtually unlimited immersive spaces tailored for creative productivity. We’re focused on developing a broad spectrum of purpose-built spaces so you and your teams can just jump in and go. In reTHINK, you can seamlessly context switch to get into and stay in your flow state.

  • Team Standups: Perfect for quick team updates and project progress checks. 

  • Breakout Rooms: Ideal for smaller group discussions or focused work sessions. 

  • Brand War Rooms & Product Showcases: Spaces where teams can strategize on branding and product development. 

  • Journey Mapping & Project Planning: Dedicated areas for planning and strategizing product priorities. 

  • Creative Reviews: Conducive environments for brainstorming and ideation. 

  • Presentations & Training: Professional settings for private meetings, onboarding, and knowledge sharing. 

We’ll continue to iterate new visually stimulating spaces as we evolve our understanding of spatial designs influence on workplace dynamics.  

Our aim isn’t just about building a space—it's about the vibe. 

We’re crafting experiences that our members need to feel inspired by. Sometimes even the smallest detail can have a profound effect on our comfort, productivity, and undoubtably on our wellbeing. Whether it's the gentle presence of plants boosting our productivity or the subtle influence of ceiling heights on our creativity, every element is a nod to the magic of thoughtful design.

So, thank you!

Thanks to everyone who has supported us, used our product, given us feedback, and helped us along this incredible journey. It’s a reminder for us, that reTHINK wouldn’t be what it is without our community members. Even though it’s still early, we’re really excited about what we’ve built so far — and we’re encourage by the feedback that we’re headed in the right direction. So, next time you're in reTHINK, take a moment to soak it in. After all, it's these little details that surround that make the big picture not just productive and creative, but also pleasantly human.

Mike Nichols

Mike Nichols

CEO, Product

CEO, Product