Moving in reTHINK

To navigate within reTHINK using the teleportation feature in your Meta Quest 2 and 3 controllers follow these clear steps:

1.        Activate Teleportation:

Use the thumb stick on either the left or right controller.

2.        Initiate Teleport:

Push the thumb stick forward and hold.

3.        Select Destination:

While continuing to hold the thumb stick forward, aim at the floor where you wish to teleport. A teleportation marker will appear at the targeted spot.

4.        Adjust Location:

With the thumb stick still forward, move your aim around the floor to adjust the destination. Note: A red marker means the selected area is not accessible.

5.        Teleport:
Release the thumb stick to teleport to the location marked by your teleportation marker.

For Magic Leap controls: {LINK}
For Apple ProVision controls: : {LINK}

Hand gesture controls in Meta Quest 2 and 3