Rooms & Room Management

All things to do with managing, creating and joining a room happens through the DOOR ICON on the UI at the bottom of the lobby panels. By clicking the DOOR ICON, it can bring you immediately to that section.

There you will be able to:

Create a Room

At any point you can create a new room based on your needs. We are continually working on new rooms and spaces that fit the needs and requests of our users.

To create and personalize your space in reTHINK, follow these steps:

1.        Click on the "Create a Room" button, highlighted in blue at the top of the interface.

2.        Choose a template for your room from a selection of pre-designed options. Each template includes details about its intended use, optimal team size for a comfortable experience, and a brief description of its aesthetic.

3.        Assign a distinctive name to your room. This will help you easily identify its purpose later on or convey the room's intent to others when sharing.

4.        Decide whether to "Save" your room for future access or to "Save and Visit" to immediately enter and begin using your new space.


Once inside your room, you have the freedom to customize it according to your needs. Here are some tips to make your space truly yours: {LINK}

Other Things to think about when creating a room:

·      Consider the room's layout and how you can arrange elements for maximum efficiency and comfort.

·      Choose decor and color schemes that reflect the room's purpose and your personal style.

·      Encourage collaboration by setting up areas designed for team interaction and creative brainstorming.

Deleting a Room:

You can remove any room that you've created at any time. However, be mindful that deleting a room also erases all content linked to it. Content brought in through integrations or uploaded via your admin panel remains accessible. Conversely, any data on whiteboards, screenshots, or any locally generated information will be lost and, for security purposes, cannot be recovered by our team.

Previously Visited Rooms:

After you visit a room, we catalog them for easy access under your recent rooms list. Within the rooms panel, a dropdown menu allows you to filter between "My Rooms" and "Recent Rooms."

"My Rooms" displays the room you've created and for which you are the owner and administrator. "Recent Rooms" lists the last 10 rooms you've visited, including those owned by other users.

Deleting a previously visited room, owned by another user, from your list does not affect the room itself. If you wish to re-enter that room later, you will need to obtain a new Room Access code from the owner.

Room Permissions:

When you share your room code, be aware that it allows other users to join your room at any time. By distributing the code, you're effectively giving them permission to enter, view, and interact with everything in your space, including the ability to import and delete items.